Unknown London – 175,000 Waitlist For November Drop

The up-and-coming streetwear label Unknown London unveiled its Autumn/Winter 2023 line this past Sunday, amidst news that it had garnered an impressive pre-launch interest from over 175,000 potential customers. Not really unknown now are they.

This launch marks the label’s second offering for the season, with Unknown London setting its sights on revolutionizing the British streetwear scene through its AW23 collection, which draws inspiration from the concept of “controlled chaos”. The collection features 21 distinctive items, with the brand employing a strategy of scheduled releases to ensure that each piece remains unique and sought after, thereby keeping the audience engaged. Unknown London shared that for this exclusive 21-item collection, they opted for a dynamic motocross theme, showcasing the apparel through stunt models in various secret locations.

Founded in 2015 by Joe Granger and Callum Vineer, Unknown London has its roots in a creative collaboration between the two, who lacked traditional fashion training but were driven by a keen sense of emerging trends and local demand. Their intuitive approach to fashion has propelled the brand to significant growth, earning it a place in select high-end stores across several continents.

The brand has cultivated a loyal following, with fans eagerly awaiting each new drop.

In a conversation with Complex, co-founder Callum Vineer reflected on the brand’s origins, stating, “Unknown was born out of our desire to create garments that truly resonated with our personal style and what we enjoyed wearing. Initially, it was just our friends buying our pieces, but as the word spread, we saw a significant increase in demand.”

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